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Squadron Posters now offers Commercial Business Artwork

Squadron Posters now offers “Commercial Business Artwork”! We can provide: Business Graphic Arts, Art for Airshows, Company Logo Design Creation, Book and CD/DVD covers, Creative Graphic solutions. Contact us at: for more information. See more information HERE.

F-4 Phantom Afterburner Coffee table

“Altitude Relics” Custom F-4 Phantom Jet Engine Tables. Need a piece of F-4 Phantom jet engine in your home? Metal Artist “Robby” saved an original F-4 J79 Jet Engine from the scrapyard melting block. This is an authentic J79 afterburner crown section turned into a coffee table. It has a beautiful fully restored gun-metal powder coat so […]

The Aviator’s Map!

The Aviator’s Map is Here: “The Aviator’s Map” – push pin travel map wall art by – Squadron Posters! Printed on Artist-Grade canvas and suspended in the middle of a floating frame. This map features every major active Air Base in the world and many small, lesser-known bases. Use any push pin from Amazon or […]

Squadron Books! – “The Warbird”

It’s official! Squadron Posters started a new venture company called “Squadron Books” and it’s finally up and running! “Tara Copp” is our first signed author and her book “The Warbird” is our first book! Please take a look and support our launch on Kickstarter or at least watch the cool video we put together: […]

“The Squadron Bar!”

The “Squadron Bar” is finally here! Stay tuned for awesome new products coming for your man cave HERE See how this Custom Aviator Squadron Bar was built HERE. At Squadron Posters, we turn Military Bases into vintage themed Travel Posters that are: “Man Cave Worthy and Spouse Approved!” Collect all your travels and tell your story! […]

This Day In Aviation History – Feb 13th 1917

This Day In Aviation History – Feb 13th 1917 Francis Thomas Evans, Sr. (3 June 1886 – 14 March 1974) was a pioneer aviator. He was one of the earliest United States Marine Corps aviators and the first person to perform a loop in seaplane and a pioneer of stall and spin recovery techniques. Evans was born in Delaware, Ohio, on 3 June 1886. He became one of the […]

Inspiration for “Squadron Posters” dates back to WWI.

We thought it appropriate to share some of the inspiration for “Squadron Posters” where we use modern military aviation, ships, armored cavalry, and duty stations and apply a vintage style twist that dates back to WWI. At “Squadron Posters” we turn military Bases into vintage themed travel posters that are: “Man Cave Worthy and Spouse […]

This day in Military History February 10th 1942

This day in Military History February 10th 1942 – The war halted civilian car production at Ford. Henry Ford opposed America’s entry into World War II until the attack on Pearl Harbor, which inspired him to begin an all-out effort to manufacture planes and vehicles for the war effort.  The Ford Motor Company signed on a month […]

This day in Naval History: February 7th 1800

This day in Naval History: February 7th 1800, the Frigate Essex commanded by Capt. Edward Preble becomes the “First U.S. Navy vessel to cross the Equator”. With the United States involved in naval action against France on 6 January 1800, Essex, under the command of Captain Preble, departed Newport, Rhode Island, in company with USS […]

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