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Squadron Posters is open for business during these difficult times!

During these difficult times, “Squadron Posters is open for business!” – We are here to help with some amazing art! Squadron Posters wanted to give everyone an update to let you know what we are doing to keep our employees safe/healthy and maintain business as usual during this Covid-19 crisis. Our employees and customer’s health […]

Squadron Posters now offers Commercial Business Artwork

Squadron Posters now offers “Commercial Business Artwork”! We can provide: Business Graphic Arts, Art for Airshows, Company Logo Design Creation, Book and CD/DVD covers, Creative Graphic solutions. Contact us at: for more information. See more information HERE.

Who’s Still Alive Prior to Wright brothers 1st Flight?

The “Predawn of Flight”! Is anyone still alive who lived prior to the Wright Brothers 1st flight? The answer may surprise you…  The Wright brothers built and tested a series of kite and glider designs from 1900 to 1902 before attempting to build a powered design. The gliders worked, but not as well as the Wrights […]

Worlds 1st “solid state” airplane

Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) said they have successfully flown the first “solid state” airplane that has no moving parts and does not rely on fossil fuels to fly. The flight is a milestone in “Ionic Wind” technology and could pave the way for quieter and environmentally cleaner aircraft in the future, […]

Sergei and Nikolai Sikorsky sign Squadron Posters Artwork!

Sergei and Nikolai Sikorsky sign Squadron Posters Artwork! On Saturday, January 27th, “Two Roads Brewing“ (1700 Stratford Avenue Stratford CT 06615) celebrated the launch of “Igor’s Dream” Imperial Stout – and it wasn’t just about the beer – it was also about celebrating Stratford, Connecticut’s role in aviation history. The family of Igor Sikorsky (The father […]

A true Back to School story – Bow to the new queen of England!

Bow to the new queen of England…  ‘Twas not a fortnight ago, when a tale of merriment and awe began that bequeathed one with innocence and valor to remove the famed “Excalibur” sword from the icy grips of a watery grave. Once upon a time (last week) in fair Cornwall, England, a young girl waded the fabled waters of […]

Squadron Posters official aircraft Nose Art

Squadron Posters Artwork lands as official aircraft Nose Art on a C-130J Super Hercules (15-5813) at Yokota Air Base, Japan! This “Spirit of Hope” nose art was create by Squadron Posters artist “Samantha Beaty”, as high resolution vector art and passed onto the 374th Airlift Wing, where the 374th Maintenance Squadron aircraft structural craftsman re-create […]

“The Squadron Bar!”

The “Squadron Bar” is finally here! Stay tuned for awesome new products coming for your man cave HERE See how this Custom Aviator Squadron Bar was built HERE. At Squadron Posters, we turn Military Bases into vintage themed Travel Posters that are: “Man Cave Worthy and Spouse Approved!” Collect all your travels and tell your story! […]

Irene Triplett, the last Civil War beneficiary

And then there was one… Irene Triplett.  86-year-old Irene Triplett is the daughter of a Civil War veteran and is the last living recipient of a Civil War pension, which her father earned for his service. She collects $73.13 each month from her father’s military Civil War pension. Triplett’s father was “Mose Triplett”, born in […]

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum | Wings & Waves Waterpark

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum | Wings & Waves Waterpark If you get a chance to visit the Pacific Northwest one place to mark on your “must do” list is to visit the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, Wings & Waves Waterpark! This amazing Waterpark is an indoor, all-season educational waterpark that includes ten waterslides (ranging from […]

1st successful flight with critical 3-D Printed Parts.

MV-22B Osprey, the first successful flight demonstration of a critical aircraft component built using 3-D Printed Parts Takes Flight. An MV-22B Osprey equipped with a 3-D printed titanium link and fitting inside an engine nacelle maintains a hover during a July 29 demonstration at Patuxent River Naval Air Station, Maryland. The aerospace industry is gravitating […]

New Guinness World Record title for the Farthest Hoverboard flight! (True or Fake?)

Franky Zapata set a new Guinness World Record title for the Farthest hoverboard flight during a spectacular attempt off the coast of Sausset-les-Pins in the south of France. This aircraft (Ok it’s really an engine minus the aircraft, with a man standing on it…) can reach a claimed maximum height of 10,000 feet, with a […]

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