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That day when American Pilots stole two dozen Bombers

B-25 Mitchell SP00738 featured-aircraft-lithograph-vintage-airplane-poster-art

That day when American Pilots stole two dozen Bombers: When war came to the nation in December 1941, the 13th Bomb Squadron known as the “Reapers” (joined with the 3d Attack Group), embarked on an accelerated training program while also engaged in anti-submarine patrols against German U-boats along the Atlantic coast. Because every ranking and experienced man from […]

Squadron Books! – “The Warbird”

It’s official! Squadron Posters started a new venture company called “Squadron Books” and it’s finally up and running! “Tara Copp” is our first signed author and her book “The Warbird” is our first book! Please take a look and support our launch on Kickstarter or at least watch the cool video we put together: […]

“Katie” the PBY Catalina of Diego Garcia!

“Katie” the PBY Catalina of Diego Garcia! To those of you who have served on the tropical island of Diego Garcia, you may have seen Katie… She is one of the most photographed birds on Degio and this is her story… Diego Garcia is an atoll located south of the equator in the central Indian Ocean […]

Northrop Grumman Unveiling New Bomber?

Northrop Grumman, creator of the world’s deadliest aircraft the Low Observable B-2 is teasing the launch of a new bomber. Rumors have been circling about when the US Air Force’s Long Range Strike Bomber (LRS-B) is coming online. They have a scheduled unveiling February 2nd! Check in with us then and we’ll have the launch […]

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