Vintage USA Flag

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This American Flag Art features 50 different U.S. Aircraft available in both the 32×48 and 20×30 sizes and comes with an installed floating frame (seen in the gallery). Printed on high quality canvas with a solid-core interior.

Aircraft Included in the Field: Row 1: C-212, B-52, C-17, F-15, F-22, C-26 | Row 2: C-5, CV-22, A-10, F-16, RQ-4 | Row 3: KC-10, KC-135, F-35, MQ-9, P-3, T-1 | Row 4: H-60, F-117, UH-1, E-9, E-3 | Row 5: C-130, SR-71, C-145, C-20, SH-3, T-45 | Row 6: E-11, AH-64, EA-6, F-18, CH-47 | Row 7: C-21, C-27, UC-35, RQ-21, C-2, E-2 | Row 8: AV-8, H-53, F-14, E-8, HC-144 | Row 9: U-2, T-38, DHC-8, T-6, B-1, B-2.


Design by Michael Ross

Location: New Orleans, LA
Michael spent his childhood reading such literary classics as “Sgt. Rock” and “Enemy Ace”, spending hours copying the illustrations. He later received a B.A. in Art and still uses his comic book influence along with his love of history and aviation in his work.

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