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Who’s Still Alive Prior to Wright brothers 1st Flight?

The “Predawn of Flight”! Is anyone still alive who lived prior to the Wright Brothers 1st flight? The answer may surprise you…  The Wright brothers built and tested a series of kite and glider designs from 1900 to 1902 before attempting to build a powered design. The gliders worked, but not as well as the Wrights […]

“The Squadron Bar!”

The “Squadron Bar” is finally here! Stay tuned for awesome new products coming for your man cave HERE See how this Custom Aviator Squadron Bar was built HERE. At Squadron Posters, we turn Military Bases into vintage themed Travel Posters that are: “Man Cave Worthy and Spouse Approved!” Collect all your travels and tell your story! […]

Irene Triplett, the last Civil War beneficiary

And then there was one… Irene Triplett.  86-year-old Irene Triplett is the daughter of a Civil War veteran and is the last living recipient of a Civil War pension, which her father earned for his service. She collects $73.13 each month from her father’s military Civil War pension. Triplett’s father was “Mose Triplett”, born in […]

Emma Morano, the last person still alive from the 1800’s

And then there was ONE… Emma Morano. Emma Martina Luigia Morano (born 29 November 1899) is an Italian “Supercentenarian” who, at the age of 116 years is the world’s oldest living person and the last verified living person to have been born in the 1800’s. This makes Emma the only living person today that has stepped […]

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