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NEW “Container” Block Letter Morale T-Shirts!

Check out our NEW “Container” Block Letter Morale T-Shirts! See them all HERE  What do these shirts say? See if you can get them all. Check answers below.. is the sound the A-10 Warthog's gatling gun makes. -THE MERGE is when two fighters merge beak to beak and you are now in a high-G dogfight.-PELICANS are […]

The military “Hello Girls” of World War I

100 years ago… Long before the internet or cell phones there was a brave group of women called the: “Hello Girls”! – American female telephone switchboard operators in World War I, formally known as the “Signal Corps Female Telephone Operators Unit”. During World War I, these switchboard operators were sworn into the U.S. Army Signal Corps. This corps were formed in […]

2018 Squadron Posters – Armed Forces Mustache March Championship!

2018 Squadron Posters 5th Annual  – Armed Forces Mustache March Championship! What you Win 1.  Bragging rights to be the “2018 Armed Forces Mustache March Champion”. 2. $1,000 Donation: The winner gets to choose a charity that we will donate $1,000 to in your name. 3. One free “2018 Mustache March Championship” 20×30 canvas wrap print! ($128.00 retail value) […]

“Mission Complete, Go to Sleep” Children’s Book

“Mission Complete, Go to Sleep” Children’s Book.  Squadron Posters and Squadron Books proudly supports military families and the importance of reading to young children! We also understand that explaining in simple terms to children what Mom, Dad, or any family member does while on deployment, is vital in helping to comfort and educate the young. […]

Happy 76th Birthday to the “Civil Air Patrol”!

Happy 76th Birthday to the “Civil Air Patrol”! The “Civil Air Patrol” was conceived in the late 1930s to supplement America’s military operations. CAP was created with Administrative Order 9, signed on 1 December 1941 and published 8 December 1941.   During World War II, CAP was seen as a way to use America’s civilian […]

B-2 Spirit Decanter – Wings In Whiskey

B-2 Spirit Decanter – “Wings In Whiskey” by Squadron Bar. 750 ML glass bottle with stained wood base and aluminum tap. Squadron Bar exclusive product! Fill with any spirit, which is fitting for the solid-glass B-2 Spirit suspended inside! B-2 Spirit Decanter – “Wings In Whiskey”! Military aviation Squadron Bar product found exclusively at – Squadron Posters! […]

F-4 Phantom Afterburner Coffee table

“Altitude Relics” Custom F-4 Phantom Jet Engine Tables. Need a piece of F-4 Phantom jet engine in your home? Metal Artist “Robby” saved an original F-4 J79 Jet Engine from the scrapyard melting block. This is an authentic J79 afterburner crown section turned into a coffee table. It has a beautiful fully restored gun-metal powder coat so […]

Irene Triplett, the last Civil War beneficiary

And then there was one… Irene Triplett.  86-year-old Irene Triplett is the daughter of a Civil War veteran and is the last living recipient of a Civil War pension, which her father earned for his service. She collects $73.13 each month from her father’s military Civil War pension. Triplett’s father was “Mose Triplett”, born in […]

Emma Morano, the last person still alive from the 1800’s

And then there was ONE… Emma Morano. Emma Martina Luigia Morano (born 29 November 1899) is an Italian “Supercentenarian” who, at the age of 116 years is the world’s oldest living person and the last verified living person to have been born in the 1800’s. This makes Emma the only living person today that has stepped […]

Squadron Posters now offers Commercial Business Artwork!

Squadron Posters – Commercial Business Artwork! In addition to our world famous vintage style “Military Travel Posters”, Squadron Posters also offers “Commercial Business Artwork”! We specialize in Military and Aviation related Posters and Cover Art yet have the ability to create amazing Art for Authors, Editors, Film Producers and Business Professionals.  Contact us at for more […]

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