avatarANDY“We’re always looking for new ideas and to continually improve our offerings! Please explore this page and don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us.  For example, an SP fan was behind the idea of canvas wrap prints and most importantly, our art comes from your input! Thank you for taking a look at what we have to offer!”
-Andy Anderson, Chief Operating Officer

Now offering Commercial Business Artwork. Contact us at squadronposters@gmail.com for more information. See examples: Here.
Art for Air Shows, Air Museums, Books, DVD’s, Magazines, Film, and other media: Here.


Bulk Order Discounts

We can provide Bulk Order discounts, receive up to a 15% discount with one large order for fundraisers or wholesale / retail! (certain requirements apply.) When coordinating a fundraiser, customers also receive savings on shipping costs with one larger order verses individual small orders. Please contact us for further information. Email: request@squadronposters.com 
*Can not be combined with other coupons or promotions.

Bulk Order Information and Quotes

If your considering purchasing a large Bulk order, please contact us for more information and a price quote at:  request@squadronposters.com 

Thank you!




Wholesale Accounts

We offer wholesale discounts for revolving purchases. If you’re planning on multiple bulk orders we’ll give you a great deal. 

printLicense Artwork

Please contact us if you would like to license our artwork. All artwork on the site is copyrighted by Squadron Posters, Anderson IP, LLC. (Only large scale licensing considered) 

brushFeatured Artist

We aim to create aviation artwork that is worthy of hanging in any office or man-cave. If you want to join us please email your portfolio.

planeAffiliate Program

Contact us if you would like to sell our artwork as an SP Affiliate!  We’ll pay you for each poster you sell in a business retail environment.

Requesting a Poster

We have a lofty goal of 100% coverage for all military units. You can help!   Send us details about what you’d like to see – aircraft, famous landmarks, foreground ideas and base events. The most successful requests include attached photos and/or a great story for inspiration! (Reminder: Military photos and stories must be declassified and non-confidential. Always consult your unit’s leadership if you have any doubt.) For additional information on Commissioning New Artwork click Heref16request2

We are always looking to partner with other Military Family owned businesses. Please contact us for more information.

Our Affiliate Partners:

Military Crashpad providing military members with a comfortable and stress-free place to stay while on a TDY.

Military Crashpad
Military Crashpad



The Bat Caves are brand new, upscale Altus AFB crash pads for C-17, KC-135, & KC-46 pilots TDY to Altus AFB, Oklahoma.
THE BAT CAVEwww.crashpadsinaltus.com


Pebble Beach PIT PAD the newest and best option to call home while you are TDY at Randolph AFB, Texas!



Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum To inspire and educate, promote and preserve aviation and space history, and to honor the patriotic service of our veterans.

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  1. Fundraise by designating a coordinator and commission a custom piece of artwork to sell in your unit or use one of our off-the-shelf pieces.
  2. Display the selected sample art piece with a signup sheet.
  3. Markup the posters (at least $5) from our list price–Keep in mind that if your members do not buy from your fundraiser, they would pay the individual $5.00 shipping from squadronposters.com. (This way your unit collects this $5.00.)
  4. Additional Bulk order discounts also apply when you sell 10 or more (see above) and the savings can also go to your units fundraising bottom line.
  5. Place one large order and you’re done! fundraise