MH-60S Jet Black Super Wide Canvas Print


MH-60S Jet Black Super Wide Canvas Print with floating frame!

The H-60 is a family of military helicopters built by Sikorsky Aircraft. The multimission Sikorsky MH-60S Knighthawk helicopter entered service in February 2002. The MH-60S uses the Black Hawk airframe, which provides the larger cabin volume and double-doors needed for cargo and passenger transport, enabling troops to embark and disembark quickly. The MH-60S retains the Black Hawk’s provisions for mounting the external pylons to carry stores and equipment, providing added capability to carry out a wide range of missions. The MH-60S has the Black Hawk’s 9,000lb external cargo hook, gunner’s window, landing gear with tie downs and wire strike protection, along with hover IR suppresser, automatic stabilisation equipment and fuel cells.


Design by Max Shirkov

Location: San Antonio, TX
Max Shirkov is one of our top artists and contributors, if you want to see more amazing art browse his portfolio.

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