McChord Field, 10th Airlift Squadron Heritage Art

McChord Field, 10th Airlift Squadron vintage style Heritage Art.

The 10th Airlift Squadron (10 AS) is part of the 62d Airlift Wing at McChord Air Force Base, Washington. It operates C-17 Globemaster III aircraft supporting the United States Air Force global reach mission world-wide.

The 10th Airlift Squadron has seen military action off and on since its beginning in January 1938 as the 10th Transport Squadron. During WW2 the unit participated in clandestine airdrops over Europe and airborne invasions of North Africa and Italy. Following WW2 the 10th participated in the Berlin Airlift, providing continuous airborne supply missions to the cutoff residents of Berlin. From the 1950s to the 1990s the 10th provided VIP transport and airlift from various locations in the US and Europe utilizing several different aircraft.

The 10th was redesignated April 1, 2003, in preparation for its activation as a C-17 Airlift Squadron and became a part of Team McChord Oct. 10, 2003.


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