NEW “Container” Block Letter Morale T-Shirts!

Check out our NEW “Container” Block Letter Morale T-Shirts!

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What do these shirts say? See if you can get them all. Check answers below.. is the sound the A-10 Warthog's gatling gun makes. -THE MERGE is when two fighters merge beak to beak and you are now in a high-G dogfight.-PELICANS are the 14th Airlift Squadron from Charleston, SC. Famous for the "order of the pelicans."-PUSH IT UP is a term for putting the throttles to MIL or MAX. Also used in slang for going out on the town. -FAIP MAFIA stands for First Assignment Instructor Pilot, it's those who get their wings and stick around to instruct. A group of "FAIPs" is considered the FAIP MAFIA.-The rest of the shirts are squadron specific, link in the bio.#usaf #shirt #shirts #airforce #military #american #aircraft #f16 #f35 #c17globemaster #faipmafia #laughlinafb #vanceafb #squadronposters #pilot #pilotsofinstagram #aviationmemes

Posted by Squadron Posters on Sunday, August 11, 2019


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