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A true Back to School story – Bow to the new queen of England!

Bow to the new queen of England…  ‘Twas not a fortnight ago, when a tale of merriment and awe began that bequeathed one with innocence and valor to remove the famed “Excalibur” sword from the icy grips of a watery grave. Once upon a time (last week) in fair Cornwall, England, a young girl waded the fabled waters of […]

The Man Who Escaped the Iron Curtain in a DIY Plane.

The Man Who Escaped the Iron Curtain in a DIY Plane. The dusty desert of Lucin, Utah, isn’t for everyone. It’s lonely, windy and hot. But for Ivo Zadarsky, it’s home. The inventor, who in 1984 escaped Czechoslovakia in a homemade aircraft, lives in an airplane hangar about 25 miles from his nearest neighbor. Like […]

Human-Piloted, Giant Fighting Robots are Here!

MegaBots raises $2.4 million to create league of human-piloted, giant fighting robots There’s a new sporting league in the works and it involves enormous human-operated robots that battle each other to the “death.” MegaBots just raised $2.4 million in seed funding to get started. It has hired a prominent sports and entertainment attorney at Latham […]

Project Callsigns

An aviator call sign or callsign is a nickname given to a military pilot, flight officer, and even some enlisted aviators. This call sign is a substitute for the aviator’s given name, and is used on flight suit and flight jacket name tags, painted/displayed beneath the officer’s or enlisted aircrewman’s name on aircraft fuselages or canopy rails, and in radio conversations. They are […]

Top Gun 2 confirmed – Maverick is Back!

    David Ellison said that the Top Gun 2 project is in development and he revealed plot details in Berlin, Collider reports. The current details are slim so we’ll fill this article with Top Gun memes to make it more interesting.  So what’s in the movie? “Justin Marks is writing the screenplay right now,” Ellison […]

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