Beyond the Powder – Documentary Film poster art

“Beyond the Powder” is a feature length documentary about the first women’s cross-country race in 1929 shown through the continuing legacy of the women pilots who are still flying the race today.
Beyond the Powder follows a team of two women air racers in the 2014 Air Race Classic, to mirror the story of the original Air Race of 1929. The first Women’s Air Derby was a cross-country race flown from Santa Monica to the finish line in Cleveland, Ohio to kick off the National Championship Air Races. The eyes of the country watched as they made history while flying cross-country in what was thought of a man’s competition. They encountered sabotage, death, and all the difficulties of flying at the dawn of aviation. These women made history and this documentary inspires women and young girls to do the same.

(NOW available on DVD & BluRay: HERE)

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Film created by: Hemlock Films

Director /Writer – Kara Martinelli ~~~ Producer/ Cinematographer – Adam White

Cover / Poster art – Squadron Posters


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