F-15E Strike Eagle poster – Afghanistan

F-15E Strike Eagle poster – Afghanistan poster art.

I made this poster for my buddies who fly F-15Es and deployed for Operation ENDURING FREEDOM from England. This image was made after a photo taken of Lloyd Wright, another Oregon State University Alumni. Dedicated to the men and women of the 494th Fighter SquadronPanters‘, 492d Fighter SquadronMad hatters‘ at RAF Lakenheath, the 307th Fighter Squadronstingers‘, 333d Fighter SquadronLancers‘, 334th Fighter SquadronFighting Eagles‘, 335th Fighter SquadronChiefs‘, 336th Fighter SquadronRocketeers‘ at Seymour Johnson AFB, and the 389th Fighter SquadronThunderbolts‘, 391st Fighter SquadronBold Tigers‘ at Mountain Home AFB. ‘Fly safe guys’! – Nick


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