Northrop Grumman Unveiling New Bomber?

Northrop Grumman, creator of the world’s deadliest aircraft the Low Observable B-2 is teasing the launch of a new bomber. Rumors have been circling about when the US Air Force’s Long Range Strike Bomber (LRS-B) is coming online. They have a scheduled unveiling February 2nd! Check in with us then and we’ll have the launch here. We don’t know very much about the LRS-B but in 2011 the design goals were set:

The design goals in January 2011 were:

  • Total program cost estimated at $40 to $50 billion.
  • Fleet size of 175 aircraft: 120 for ten combat squadrons, plus 55 for training and reserves.
  • Subsonic maximum speed.
  • Range: 5,000+ nautical miles (9,260+ km).
  • “Optionally manned” (for non-nuclear missions).
  • Total mission durations of 50 to 100 hours (when unmanned).
  • A weapons load of 14,000–28,000 lb (6,350–12,700 kg).
  • Ability to “survive daylight raids in heavily defended enemy territory”.
  • Ability to carry nuclear weapons.
  • Designed to use off-the-shelf propulsion, C4ISTAR, and radar technologies.
  • Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance along with command and control gear to enable the crew to direct other aircraft and forces.


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