Memphis, Tennessee ANG 164 AW C-17

Memphis, Tennessee ANG 164 AW C-17 poster art.

This vintage style military aviation travel poster “Tennessee ANG 164 AW C-17” artwork is dedicated to all those who serve at the Tennessee Air National Guard, 164 Air Wing and fly maintain or support the C-17 Globemaster IIIThe 164th Airlift Wing (164 AW) is a unit of the Tennessee Air National Guard, stationed at Memphis Air National Guard Base, Tennessee. If activated to federal service in the United States Air Force, the 164 AW is operationally-gained by the Air Mobility Command. In 2013, the 164th Airlift Wing began converting from the C-5 Galaxy to the C-17 Globemaster III, with the conversion to be completed sometime is 2015. The 164 AW mission includes carrying fully equipped combat-ready military units to any point in the world on short notice and then provide field support required to help sustain the fighting force.


Design by Michael Ross

Location: New Orleans, LA
Michael spent his childhood reading such literary classics as “Sgt. Rock” and “Enemy Ace”, spending hours copying the illustrations. He later received a B.A. in Art and still uses his comic book influence along with his love of history and aviation in his work.

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