Up-Date: (May 2017) the A-10 has been saved from the 2018 defense budget chopping block.

Up-Date: (June 20th 2014)  The House voted to keep the A-10 out of retirement by a vote of 300 to 114! This vote could not have happened without all your support and contacts to your Representatives. Thank you! 

Sample letter to write your Senator/Congressman to SAVE THE WARTHOG:

Dear Senator/Congressman XXXX,

Thank you for your service in Congress to our state and nation.

As your constituent, I want you to know that I oppose the Air Force’s A-10 divestment proposal, and I call on you to cosponsor S.1764 or HR.3657.

As you may know, the Air Force is proposing that all active duty A-10 units be divested in FY 2015-2016 (plus the Air National Guard unit in Boise), and all Guard and Reserve units be divested in FY2017-2019.

I agree with General Odierno who said in a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing that “The A-10 is the best close air support platform we have today.” Even General Welsh has said, “the A-10 “is the best airplane in the world at what it does.” The A-10 is our nation’s best close air support platform. It has a 1-2 minute faster re-attack time than other aircraft. That is the difference between life and death for our ground troops in close contact with the enemy. The A-10 is among the best in avoiding civilian casualties because the airframe is designed to operate close to the action—where the pilot can see the difference between friendly, enemy, and civilian.

Hundreds of brave Americans are alive today because of the performance of the A-10 in Iraq and Afghanistan. In a July 2013 mission in Afghanistan, A-10 crews saved the lives of 60 Americans during a“danger-close” engagement – a mission requiring a fully operational aircraft with advanced weapons and properly trained aircrews.

The Air Force should not retire the A-10 before its replacement reaches full operational capability. Otherwise, it will result in a close air support gap that will put our ground troops at increased risk. Other aircraft cannot perform the CAS mission as well.

I urge you to cosponsor the bipartisan S.1764 or H.R.3657. The National Guard Association of the U.S., the Project on Government Oversight, and the Reserve Officer Association are supporting efforts to prevent the premature divestment of the A-10. You should too. There is no greater responsibility than ensuring our men and women in uniform have the support they need to accomplish their missions and return home safely. I understand that the Air Force confronts difficult budget decisions, but it should look for savings elsewhere in areas that will not directly damage our nation’s combat readiness and the well-being of our troops. Thank you again for your service in Congress. I look forward to hearing from you and learning that you are a cosponsor of S.1764 or H.R.3657.


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