Nellis AFB 433d Weapons Squadron

Nellis AFB 433d Weapons Squadron poster art.

The 433d Weapons Squadron is a United States Air Force unit, assigned to the USAF Weapons School at Nellis AFB, NevadaThe 433rd Weapons Squadron (433 WPS) began providing advanced instructor training to experienced F-15 pilots on 3 January 1978 as the 433rd Fighter Weapons School.  On 1 June 1981, the 433 FWS was deactivated and re-designated as the USAF Fighter Weapons School F-15 Division.  In February 2003, the unit was re-designated the 433rd Weapons Squadron.  The squadron added the F-22A and graduated the first Raptor Weapons Officers in June 2009.  Despite changes in name, the 433 WPS has held fast to the tradition of producing the world’s greatest air supremacy pilots

To date, (as of April 2017) the 433 WPS has graduated 524 Air Dominance patch wearers, consisting of 482 F-15C and 42 F-22A pilots, who have collectively preserved the Eagle’s undefeated combat tradition, ensuring air superiority over the past 39 years.  Twelve F-15C Weapons School graduates have accounted for 18 of the 38 USAF F-15C air-to-air victories.


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