Altus AFB, 730th Air Mobility Training Squadron


Altus AFB, 730th Air Mobility Training Squadron poster art.

Activated in 1943 during World War II, the 730th has performed a variety of missions – from bombardment to night photo and tactical reconnaissance; to troop carrier, tactical and military airlift in World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf War. The unit first saw reserve duty when activated in the reserve on Aug. 1, 1947. On Mar. 25, 1968, the 730th Military Airlift Squadron became the first associate reserve unit, which is when a reserve unit shares facilities and aircraft with an active-duty unit. Redesignated the 730th Airlift Squadron (associate) on Feb. 1, 1992 and then deactivated on March 19, 2005. The 730th has flown a multitude of aircraft including the B-17 Flying Fortress, T-6 Texan, T-7 Navigator, T-11 Kansan, B-26 Marauder, F-51 Mustang, C-46 Commando, C-119 Flying Boxcar, C-141 Starlifter and now the C-17 and KC-135.

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