95th Bomb Group Heritage Poster

This vintage style military aviation artwork, the “95th Bomb Group Heritage Poster” is dedicated to all the brave men who served with the 95th Bomb Group during WWII. This poster is also dedicated specifically to a B-17 Bomber aircraft named “Blondie II” and a Pilot named “Joe”.

Read the amazing story of a teenager who discovered a photograph of a Pilot named “Joe” in a book, and thought that his life story was worth sharing. http://www.apilotnamedjoe.com/

The 95th flew 334 missions between May 14th 1943 and May 25th 1945 and was the first Bomb Group to perform a daylight raid on Berlin. It claimed 425 enemy aircraft destroyed, the highest number by any USAAF Bomb Group in WW2. During World War II the 95th Bombardment Group was a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress unit in England, stationed at RAF Horham. It was the only Eighth Air Force group awarded three Distinguished Unit Citations.

A special thank you to “Kimberly” for having a kind heart and for bringing history to life. Read more on the 95th here: http://www.apilotnamedjoe.com/

http://www.95thbg-horham.com/                                  http://95thbg.org/j3migr/



Steve Thomas

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Steve worked for newspapers creating graphics and illustrations for 14 years before embarking on his own as a freelance illustrator. Now he creates mostly vintage-inspired artwork with a modern twist. He currently lives on one of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota with his family.

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