Fairchild AFB – 92d ARS KC-135 print

The 92d Air Refueling Squadron (92 ARS) is part of the 92d Air Refueling Wing at Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington.

THE YEAR OF THE 92nd ! It has been 92 years since the 1st air refueling by Wesley May”. In celebration of this historic event we created this “Fairchild AFB, 92nd Air Refueling Squadron – Inland Empire” Poster Art!

Wesley May” climbs from the wing of one aircraft to the wing of another with a 5 gallon can of gasoline strapped to his back, making the first “air-to-air” refueling. (See image gallery) Wing walkers played an important part in the Army Air Corps (now the U.S. Air Force) and Navy in the advancement of aviation. They were instrumental in the first air-to-air refueling, as well as long-distance flight records. On November 12th, 1921, Wesley May strapped a fuel tank on his back and performed a plane-to-plane transfer. Additional tests were undertaken, and a hose with aid of a wing walker was the next exploration into aerial refueling. A big thank you to all our Aviation Tanker Squadrons!


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