The real “Captain Kirk”

Our enemies should fear our military resolve… Not only because of our military might and our resolve to defend freedom anywhere, but also because we have the real life “Captain Kirk”! And of all things… He is the Captain of the most technically complex and advanced warship the world has ever seen!

Captain Kirk1


No, not this one..

Captain Kirk2


 Or this one…

Captain Kirk

Yes, this is the him!

This is the real life “Captain Kirk” and no, the U.S. Navy did not make him change his name in order to assign him the most technically complex and advanced warship the world has ever seen (Just to tie into the movie and T.V. series). He actually came to the U.S. Navy with the “Kirk” name, preassigned to him by his parents (kudos to the parents for amazing foresight!), the Navy just had to add the “Captain” part and wa-lah!  Now for Captain Kirk’s  ship assignment…

USS Enterprise

No, not this one…

151207-N-ZZ999-435 ATLANTIC OCEAN (Dec. 7, 2015) The future USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) is underway for the first time conducting at-sea tests and trials in the Atlantic Ocean Dec. 7, 2015. The multimission ship will provide independent forward presence and deterrence, support special operations forces, and operate as an integral part of joint and combined expeditionary forces. (U.S. Navy photo courtesy of General Dynamics Bath Iron Works/Released)

Yes, this one…

The USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) is a guided missile destroyer of the United States Navy. She is the lead ship of the Zumwalt class and the first ship to be named for Admiral Elmo Zumwalt. The Zumwalt has “stealth” capabilities (No, not the “Cloaking device” stolen from the Romulan’s), it’s U.S stealth technology providing a radar cross-section akin to a small fishing boat despite her large size. On 7 December 2015 (a Date which will live in infamy), Zumwalt began her sea trial preparatory to joining the Pacific Fleet. She is to be homeported in San Diego, California. The ship will be commissioned in Baltimore (Not Star Fleet Command) on October 15, 2016.

On 12 December 2015, during sea trials, Zumwalt responded to a U.S. Coast Guard call for assistance for a fishing boat captain who was experiencing a medical emergency 40 nautical miles (74 km) from Portland, Maine. Due to deck conditions, the Coast Guard helicopter was unable to hoist the patient from the fishing boat, so the Zumwalt crew transferred him to the destroyer using an 11-meter rigid-hulled inflatable boat (Let’s just call it a “Shuttle” for simplicity), from which he was transported (as “Scotty” could not lock on) to shore by the Coast Guard helicopter and then to a hospital. (Call it Star Trek Zumwalt Episode 1: “The Wrath of Deck Conditions”!)

The U.S. Navy accepted delivery of Zumwalt on 20 May 2016. No one yet knows for sure who the Science Officer is or if there’s even a position for one. If not, we say Get One!…  And “dam it Jim”, make him change his name to “Spock”!  The USS Zumwalt, it’s 5 year mission (or until funding runs out) is to explore strange new worlds (like China or Russia), to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one (in a stealth ship) has gone before!

Captain Kirk(s), may you live long and prosper…

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