USAF A.G.E. Technician

This “USAF Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) Technician” vintage style poster art is dedicated to the hard working AGE equipment troops! “There’s No Air Power without Ground Power”! For every hour a plane spends in the air, it spends dozens of hours on the ground being maintained and prepped. The poster art features another famous AGE saying, just look on the side of the A/M32A-86 ground power cart – DINSTAAR (Danger Is No Stranger To An AGE Ranger) .

Those in the Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) field are responsible for maintaining the equipment that supplies electricity, as well as hydraulic pressure and air pressure, as planes receive maintenance and prepare for flight. Without AGE equipment, our planes would be nothing more than paperweights. Thank you to all who serve as AGE technicians!


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