Tyndall AFB 82nd ATS

Tyndall AFB 82nd ATS poster art.

The 82nd Aerial Targets Squadron is part of the 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group at Tyndall AFB Florida. The unit operates the DoDs only Full Scale Aerial Target, the QF-16 “Zombie Viper” and the Air Force’s Subscale Aerial Target, the BQM-167 “Skeeter”.  Additionally, the unit conducts Sea Surveillance and Telemetry collection with the E-9A “Widget”.  Finally, the unit operates the Air Force’s only Navy, with the 120’ Missile Retrievers and 25’ utility boats. They support the Weapon Systems Evaluation Program for DoD and FMS partners.


Steve Thomas

Featured Vector Artist
Steve worked for newspapers creating graphics and illustrations for 14 years before embarking on his own as a freelance illustrator. Now he creates mostly vintage-inspired artwork with a modern twist. He currently lives on one of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota with his family.

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