Las Vegas, Creech AFB Predator MQ-1 vintage art

This poster is for all the hard working men and women at Creech AFB. Las Vegas casinos rely on security cameras as–their eye-in-the-sky to monitor tables and catch criminals red-handed. Fittingly, tucked right outside of Las Vegas, US Air Force operators fly the MQ-1 Predator–giving our nation ‘The Real Eye in the Sky’ to monitor those who seek harm against the US and our allies. Thank you to the men and women of Creech AFB for what you do. – Nick
   Creech Air Force Base is a USAF command and control facility used to engage in daily Overseas Contingency Operations of remotely piloted aircraft systems which fly missions across the globe. The General Atomics MQ-1 Predator is an unmanned aerial vehicle built by General Atomics and used primarily by the USAF and CIA.


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