Salvaged Titanium F-15 Jet Engine Fan Blade desk art-piece

THIS CUSTOM ITEM IS CURRENTLY “OUT OF STOCK” (We are not sure when this item will be available again).

Need a piece of Eagle Jet Engine on your desk? Jet Engine compressor fan blade for F-15 out of “de-mil’d” (scrapyard blades from actual compressor sections that are outside spec, not to be used again). They come on a stained wood-base for display on a shelf or desk. Great gift for pilots, mechanics, aircrew, airmen, support etc. These jet engine blades are the real deal! Authentic salvaged parts from Altitude Relics in Riverside California.


Altitude Relics by Robby Leuer

Location: Riverside, California
Lead Engineer Robby Leuer converts salvaged aircraft parts into one-of-a-kind art pieces. Jet Engine coffee tables, compressor fan blade desk art, aircraft aluminum panel nose art, and afterburner tables.

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