C-5 313th EOSS Jet Black Lithograph

C-5 313th EOSS Jet Black Lithograph poster art.

The 313th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron is part of 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing at Ramstein Air Base, Germany.  It provide World-Class Command and Control, Aeromedical Evacuation and Global Air Mobility Support for all Air Mobility Command missions (Primarily C-17 and C-5) transiting Ramstein. The 313th is 70% deployed and 30% permanent party comprised of Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve members. Our core functions are: Aeromedical Evacuation, Aircrew Flight Equipment, Air Mobility Control Center (C2), Cyber, Flying Crew Chief (Maintenance), Intel, Ravens (Aircraft Security) & Aircrew Tactics. Ramstein Air Base is a gateway to Europe and DOD’s busiest enroute hub.


Design by Max Shirkov

Location: San Antonio, TX
Max Shirkov is one of our top artists and contributors, if you want to see more amazing art browse his portfolio.

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