Australia Solar Observatory Det 1 2WS

Australia Solar Observatory Det 1 2WS, Space Poster.

Learmonth Solar Observatory (Det 1, 2WS) is part of the Solar electro- optical network (SEON) that measures solar events to predict their impact on manned space activities and satellite communication, and validates ionospheric disturbances. It is a dual site comprising of the Solar Observing Optical Network (SOON) and Radio Solar Telescope Network (RSTN) The SOON is composed of a solar optical telescope (AN/FMQ-7) with automatic solar tracking. The RSTN is composed of a solar radio telescope (AN/ FRR-95). This equipment also measures the magnitude of solar flares and prepares the necessary solar event messages for release by the operator into the Automated Weather Network. 

The 2nd Weather Squadron (2WS) is headquartered at Offutt Air Force Base, Neberaska. The 2nd WS’s capabilities include the DOD’s only 24/7 weather operations center at the top secret level, space weather operations center, volcanic eruption and ash tracking ops center and the Armed Forces Network broadcast studio. Additionally, the 2nd WS operates five solar observatories around the globe: Det. 1, Learmonth, Australia; Det. 2, Sagamore Hill, Mass.; Det. 4, Holloman AFB, N.M.; Det. 5, Kaena Point, Hawaii; and San Vito, Italy.


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