426th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne)

426th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne) located in Upland, CA.  

History:  Constituted 8 April 1949 in the Organized Reserve Corps as the 426th Military Government Company.  Activated 16 May 1949 at San Bernardino, CA.  Redesignated 13 August, 1956 as the 426th Civil Affairs Company.  Location changed 31 May 1972 to Upland, CA. Current:  426th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne).

What Civil Affairs does:  Civil Affairs units are the field commander’s link to the civil authorities in that commander’s area of operations. The soldiers make up teams which interface androvide expertise to the host nation government. Civil Affairs soldiers are particularly suited for this mission since they are Army Reserve soldiers with civilian occupations such as law enforcement, engineering, medicine, law, banking, public administration, etc. 

About us:  We are a Civil Affairs unit out of Upland, CA.  It is in the LA metropolitan and a great opportunity to see the city, train with organizations/agencies in the metro area, Jump into Ft. Irwin, Edwards AFB, Camp Pendleton and more. Unit colors on the Beret Flash:  Bottle Green, Yellow Gold, Cardinal Red, Khaki, Purple.


Design by Max Shirkov

Location: San Antonio, TX
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