2018 Squadron Posters – Armed Forces Mustache March Championship!

2018 Squadron Posters 5th Annual 

– Armed Forces Mustache March Championship!

What you Win

1.  Bragging rights to be the “2018 Armed Forces Mustache March Champion”.

2. $1,000 Donation: The winner gets to choose a charity that we will donate $1,000 to in your name.

3. One free “2018 Mustache March Championship” 20×30 canvas wrap print! ($128.00 retail value)


1. Have fun, don’t ruin your career over breaking regulations but let’s be honest, mustaches can ONLY help your career.
2. Submissions: A *Facebook feed is posted to the bottom of this page for submissions during March. To qualify as a finalist you MUST download and print the free 2018 Mustache March Championship poster (below) 


Bring up this photo up on a pad or computer screen and show the “2018 Mustaches for Victory” poster in your mustache “selfie” so we know it’s a 2018 mustache.
3. Participants: Anyone in the Armed Forces who is mustache age appropriate.
4. Women, As Gen Welsh once said ; “[your] job is to ridicule us nonstop about the idiotic look that these mustaches will have on most of us, as we try to look like Tom Selleck and end up looking like a three-haired mole,” he said. “Fight’s on.” – With this in mind, your in this fight and are eligible as well. Show us a fake stache or a funny photo of you ridiculing a military stache.
5. Tell us the “story” behind the stache or about your charitable organization, it can only help!

How to Submit:

To qualify as a finalist you MUST download and print the free 2018 Mustache March Championship Vintage Style poster (below) OR bring up this photo on a pad or computer screen and show this in your mustache “selfie” so we know it’s a 2018 mustache. *Then post your selfie photo to the Facebook feed on March 30th (follow our Facebook page for the link) * Squadron Posters will select ONE winner based on entries submitted.

Good luck and let the “stache” begin!

Download and print this Free 2018 Mustache March Championship Vintage Style poster art (Above).

See all our 2018 Mustache March Championship canvas wraps, framed posters & graphic T-shirts HERE


Let’s get it straight–Mustache March began in the US Air Force.

No, the idea did not come from hipsters in Portland, Oregon. The idea stems from an early Air Force tradition in which members of the U.S. Air Force would grow mustaches in good-natured protest against facial hair regulations during the month of March. The act of growing a mustache as a gesture of defiance against dogmatic leadership is attributed to U.S. Air Force triple-ace Robin Olds who grew an extravagantly waxed handlebar mustache which did not comply with U.S. Air Force regulations.Robin Olds “Wolf of Kunsan” (July 14, 1922 – June 14, 2007) was an American fighter pilot and general officer in the U.S. Air Force. He was a “triple ace”, with a combined total of 16 victories in World War II and the Vietnam War. He retired in 1973 as a brigadier general.

Robin Olds was known for the extravagantly waxed (and decidedly non-regulation) handlebar mustache he sported in Vietnam. It was a common superstition among airmen to grow a “bulletproof mustache”, but Olds also used his as “a gesture of defiance. The kids on base loved it. Most everybody grew a mustache.” Returning home, however, marked the end of this flamboyance. When he reported to his first interview with Air Force Chief of Staff General John P. McConnell, McConnell walked up to him, stuck a finger under his nose and said, “Take it off.” Olds replied, “Yes, sir.”

For his part, Olds was not upset with the order, recalling:

“To tell the truth, I wasn’t all that fond of the damned thing by then, but it had become a symbol for the men of the 8th Wing. I knew McConnell understood. During his visits to Ubon over the past year he had never referred to my breach of military standards, just seemed rather amused at the variety of ‘staches sported by many of the troops. (It) was the most direct order I had received in twenty-four years of service.”

The incident with the mustache is given credit as the impetus for a new Air Force tradition, “Mustache March”, in which aircrew, aircraft maintainers, cyber operators, space operators and other Airmen worldwide show solidarity by a symbolic, albeit good-natured “protest” for one month against Air Force facial hair regulations…”

Standby for Submission Instructions

Watch our Facebook page on March 30th and we’ll create a threat. Submit by commenting with a photo

2018 WINNER: Mr. “Tyler Rennell”

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