VR-51 – Windjammers

VR-51 – Windjammers poster art.

The VR-51 ‘Windjammers is the Naval reserve’s newest squadron and flies two C-20G aircraft in support of worldwide fleet operations. In addition to moving thousands of Sailors, Soldiers, Marines and cargo across the globe, the squadron has provided transportation for vital State Department missions and last minute support for a number of dignitaries. VR-51 provides crew swap-outs for C-130 squadrons in the Asian and European theaters, thus keeping the C-130 asset in-theater and significantly increasing payload capacity for ‘OCONUS’ theaters. The ‘Windjammers’ get their name from their unique home in Hawaii and worldwide range of operations out of Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay. The C-20G (Gulfstream IV) aircraft may be configured for cargo operations, 26 passenger operations or combinations of the two.


Design by Seth Jefferson

Location: Destin, FL
Seth is a military aviator and weekend artist. If you want to see more from Seth browse his portfolio

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