USS Mustin DDG-89 Japan

USS Mustin DDG-89 Japan poster art.

The USS Mustin (DDG-89) is an Arleigh Burke’-class guided missile destroyer in the United States Navy. She was named in honor of the Mustin family. Mustin was the first Burke destroyer built with her funnels submerged into the superstructure, an additional stealth measure taken on the warships. The ship is the Navy’s second Mustin after USS Mustin (DD-413) of World War II era.
The contract to build her was awarded to Ingalls Shipbuilding on 6 March 1998. Her keel was laid down on 15 January 2001, she was launched on 12 December 2001, and commissioned 26 July 2003. Mustin is equipped with Aegis, an advanced combat weapons system. Mustin is one of seven Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyers assigned to Destroyer Squadron 15, and is permanently forward-deployed to Yokosuka.


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