Royal Air Force Station Mildenhall 7th SOS, MC-130H

Royal Air Force Station Mildenhall 7th SOS, MC-130H heritage poster art.

The 7th Special Operations Squadron (7th SOS) is part of the 352 Special Operations Wing and is based at Royal Air Force Base Mildenhall, England. The 7th SOS is an active flying unit of the United States Air Force and currently flies the CV-22B Osprey, however they flew the MC-130H Combat Talon II from 1993 through 2015 (depicted in this artwork).  Their mission is to provide long range infiltration, exfiltration and resupply of special operations forces world-wide. – Travel by air with the “7th SOS” when it comes to traveling throughout Europe!

Royal Air Force Mildenhall, more commonly known as RAF Mildenhall, is a Royal Air Force (RAF) station located near Mildenhall in Suffolk, England.


Design by Samantha Beaty

Location: Saint Louis, MO
Samantha is an Air Force veteran and an extremely talented illustrator, if you want to see more amazing art browse her portfolio.

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