Goodfellow AFB 315th Training squadron

Goodfellow AFB 315th Training squadron poster art.

The 315th Training squadron (315th TS) is part of the 17th Training Wing at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo Texas. The 315th TS trains the future of Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Air Force members. Located in the heart of West Texas and the town of San Angelo, famous for it’s sheep trade with over 50 decorated sheep statues scattered around town.  The 315th is known as the “Rattlers”The 315th Training Squadron has over 220 instructors training more than 4,800 students annually for global ISR missions including Air Force officer and enlisted students; as well as, international officers, civilian and joint service students. The 315th Training Squadron’s vision is to provide realistic and relevant career long training to develop the world’s most combat-ready intelligence professionals to conduct global operations. The squadron is responsible for facilities, advanced modeling and simulation, and ISR systems-of-record in excess of $70 million. The 315 TRS also manages and writes the 5- and 7-level Career Development Courses (CDC) for the 1N0-Operations Intelligence and 1N1-Geospatial Analyst career fields. (Read more HERE)


Design by Max Shirkov

Location: San Antonio, TX
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