F-35 58th FS Jet Black Lithograph

F-35 / 58th FS Jet Black Lithograph.

The 58th Fighter Squadron (58 FS) is part of the 33d Fighter Wing, a joint graduate flying and maintenance training wing for the F-35A, B, and C, organized under Air Education and Training Command’s 19th Air Force, at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. Its mission is to train US Air Force operators and maintainers on employment and maintenance of the F-35 Lightning II “A” model, as part of the overall 33d FW mission of training American and international aircrews and maintainers of US Air Force, Us Naval, and Marine, and international Air Forces such as those of the British Royal Nav on the 3 variants of the F-35: the “A”, “B”, & “C” models.


Design by Seth Jefferson

Location: Destin, FL
Seth is a military aviator and weekend artist. If you want to see more from Seth browse his portfolio

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