Custom F-4 Phantom Jet Engine Tables

Squadron Bar – “Altitude Relics” Custom F-4 Phantom Jet Engine Tables.

ieeds a piece of F-4 Phantom jet engine in your home? Metal Artists “Robby” saved an original F-4 J79 Jet Engine from the scrapyard melting block. He put it in a sandblaster, welded custom legs on it, and protected it with a gunmetal powder coating, he replaced all the bolts and safety wires for an authentic jet engine table. 

We’re in the beta stages of offering these for sale and Robby is looking for a special customer to buy table #001. He‘ll send you pictures of the rusty version and you can choose which jet engine part you want restored and choose between a coffee table or end tables. He’ll work with you on any powder coating color, then he’ll ship it in a custom made wood crate. It literally feels like you are opening up something from “Jurassic Park“, nothing gets your T-levels up like prying open a wood crate with a giant “CAUTION / JET ENGINE COMPONENTS” seal on it.

Questions? email us at

Each end table is $2000, and the Jet Engine table is $3000. Includes your color of choice for powder coating, glass top, industrial grade furniture cleats for simple leveling. Arrives in a custom wood crate to your door. 2-6 weeks delivery.



Altitude Relics by Robby Leuer

Location: Riverside, California
Lead Engineer Robby Leuer converts salvaged aircraft parts into one-of-a-kind art pieces. Jet Engine coffee tables, compressor fan blade desk art, aircraft aluminum panel nose art, and afterburner tables.

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