Anderson AFB Guam- RQ-4 Global Hawk V2

The 69th Reconnaissance Group consists of multiple squadrons and detachments. The 69th RG operates and maintains deployable, high-altitude, long-endurance RQ-4/EQ-4 aircraft and ground control elements to fulfill requirements generated by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in support of unified commanders and secretary of defense. The group provides theater commanders with near real-time intelligence, ISR and target acquisition data and enhances theater command and control by providing persistent communications relay capability in austere areas.

The 69th Reconnaissance Group includes the 12th Reconnaissance Squadron at Beale Air Force Base, and the 348th Reconnaissance Squadron and 69th Maintenance Squadron at Grand Forks Air Force Base. Art depicts deployment to Anderson AFB, Guam.

To see the 69th Reconnaissance Group specific version 1 of this artwork click HERE


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