193d Special Operations Squadron – EC-130J Commando Solo

193d Special Operations Squadron – EC-130J Commando Solo poster art.

The 193d Special Operations Squadron (193 SOS) is a unit of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard 193d Special Operations Wing located at Harrisburg Air National Guard Base, Middletown, Pennsylvania, The 193d is equipped with the EC-130J “Commando Solo”Mission: Flying the EC-130J Commando Solo, a specially-modified four-engine Hercules transport, the 193d Special Operations Squadron conducts information operations, psychological operations and civil affairs broadcasts in AM, FM, HF, TV and military communications bands. A typical mission consists of a single-ship orbit offset from the desired target audience – either military or civilian personnel. The Air Force Special Operations Command’s 193d Special Operations Wing, Middletown, Pa., has total responsibility for the Commando Solo missions. Motto: “Never Seen, Always Heard” !


Design by Max Shirkov

Location: San Antonio, TX
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