his day in Military Aviation History: 22 January–8 February 1971

This day in Military Aviation History: 22 January–8 February 1971. A Lockheed P-3C Orion anti-submarine warfare patrol bomber under the command of Commander Donald H. Lilienthal, United States Navy, took off from Naval Air Station Atsugi, Japan, and flew 6,857.745 miles non-stop to NATC Patuxent River, Maryland. The duration of the flight was 15 hours, 21 minutes. This was a new Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) world record for turboprop airplanes. (FAI Record File Number 8070) The Orion’s course deviated around foreign airspace so the actual distance flown was 7,010 miles.

For the long distance flight the Orion carried a flight crew of seven: CDR Donald H. Lilienthal, Aircraft Commander; CAPT R.H. Ross, Pilot; LCDR F. Howard Stoodley, Pilot; LT R.T. Myers, Navigator; CDR J.E. Koehr, Meteorologist; ADJC K.D. Frantz, Flight Engineer; AEC H.A. Statti, Flight Engineer.

22 January–8 February 1971 Record P-3

Photo (L) CDR Lilienthal and LCDR Stoodley with their P-3C, 156521 JAX AIR NEWS-LATWINGER, 19 February 1971, P 15. Artwork (R) P-3 Orion Poster Art by – Squadron Posters


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