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  1. ken1astrk says:

    I would love to have the Jet Back A-10 with the TACP badge and crest mounted under the nose of the aircraft. See attached for further. I guarantee every TACP that has ever served would buy one!!

  2. lstephenson13 says:

    I’m a student Naval Flight Officer at NAS Pensacola. While all of the locations and aircraft for Navy/Marine Corps pilot training are represented on your website, there are no posters for NFO training. For the advanced Strike/Fighter pipeline, there is one squadron, the VT-86 Sabrehawks. We are based out of Forrest Sherman Field on board NAS Pensacola. We fly the T-45 Goshawk trainer jet with the letter “F” painted on the tail. We would like to commission a poster that is a combination of the T-45 aircraft (Meridian and Kingsville posters) with the Pensacola Beach backdrop (T-6II/T-34/TH-57 posters). It would be a very popular gift for students receiving their wings as well as instructors leaving the squadron for another command or retirement. I am attaching a picture of our squadron patch as well to be included in the poster. The Sabrehawks appreciate your consideration in this matter.

  3. Korykluge24 says:

    I work in AMMO at Langley AFB in Hampton VA and would love a vintage squadron poster. Since we support the F-22 I was thinking you could put one on there with “FF” on the tail. Also, since I am in AMMO, I can’t ask for a poster without a pisspot.

  4. Carl says:

    I would like to see if you can do a poster dedicated to the 379th EMXS squadron at al udied airbase in Qatar. These men and women work to keep the equipment running and planes in the air.

    You guys did great work on the AGE poster a few minths ago.

    Thank you

  5. scottman85 says:

    The artwork on the Misawa AB posters is really awesome. I would really love to see a poster without any of the squadron specific patches or names. It would be for those of us not assigned to one of the fighter squadrons. Which is the majority of us assigned to Misawa.

  6. scottman85 says:

    I really love the artwork on the Diego Garcia Seabees poster. The only thing is that a lot of people have been assigned there on deployments or stationed there, and most were not seabees. Would it be possible to keep the same design on the poster just get rid of the seabee stuff? or maybe replace it with the base name? “NSF Diego Garcia”

  7. scottman85 says:

    The design for the 35th Fighter squadron is cool. It would be really great if there was a generic version for Kunsan AB using the same background design, but just saying something like “Kunsan AB, Republic of Korea” leaving the wolf’s head in the background of course. it is still the wolf pack.

  8. NAtadero says:

    Hi Everyone, I’m a cadet at AFROTC Detachment 850 at the University of Utah and I’m trying to work with squadronposters.com to create a poster for my detachment. Detachment 850 is a midsize detachment with over 60 cadets and five active duty. Please give our entry a positive vote. Once we receive the most votes Squadron Posters will create a one of a kind poster for Det 850 members, alumni, family & friends to buy or use as a fundraiser! This company does amazing work. Check out their website, you won’t be disappointed. Fly High Mighty Skyraiders!

  9. eblewis88 says:

    I am an engineer who works on the V-22 Osprey at MCAS New River in Jacksonville, NC. I have noticed that there are currently no posters for the Osprey squadrons stationed on the East Coast. I would like to see a poster that honors these squadrons and the beautiful North Carolina Crystal Coast where they are stationed. Something like a V-22 flying over Cape Lookout National Seashore with “New River” at the bottom (similar to the currently available Miramar V-22 Poster). Please help make this happen!

  10. Shadow_Drvr says:

    BLACK ART: I would like to ask for the prior version of the MC130J and have the MC130 Combat Shadow. This would be your current MC130J version, however with the regular 4 bladed props. There should be a volume of aviators that would be interested for sales by making a simple adjustment as this aircraft is being phased out of service with significant history.

  11. rdhclark says:

    The 35th Fighter Wing is the base operating unit at Misawa Air Base, Japan…the World’s snowiest U.S. military installation and home of the WORLD’S GREATEST WILD WEASELS. The 13 FS, 14 FS, and 35 OSS have their own posters, and it is time that the 35th Fighter Wing had one too. Vote to support! Attack to Defend!

  12. 33VIP says:

    We would like to have squadronposters.com create the first poster for a Marine Corps Infantry battalion! Third Battalion, Third Marines, also known as 3/3 or Trinity is based out of Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii and we think the art style of the squadron posters would look great showing an amphibious assault on the beaches of Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Vote us up and lets get some battalion memorabilia made!

  13. Belly_bell says:

    The 316th Training Squadron (Sharks!) is a part of the 17th Training Wing at Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas. Only an hour and a half from Abilene, and 4 hours from Dallas, this premier intelligence training unit provides over four thousand Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine intelligence warfighters to joint bases worldwide every year. And somehow, despite all that awesomeness, we never got around to designing an official poster – so this is it! Please help us accomplish this and create something that will live on in the hearts and minds of students and cadre alike!

  14. breeceboy says:

    I was stationed at Camp Bucca detention facility Iraq and would love to see a poster reflecting my time there. Perhaps a large sun in the background with a guard tower in front of it. Maybe with a catchy phrase like ” Time behind the wire”.

  15. rdhclark says:

    Wild Weasels! You have to do an Air Force Wild Weasel heritage poster. “First in, last out since 1965.” The story of the Wild Weasels is the story of the Air Force with tales of technological innovation and human courage. Maybe a flight of the Wild Weasel Aircraft from the F-100 to the F-16CJ or a travel themed poster of Souteast and Southwest Asia with dotted lines connecting the major bases of operation for the Wild Weasels. Need help, I’m an AF historian who has worked with active WW units. CP!

  16. Meat says:

    Request design for US Navy Air Test and Evaluation Squadron ONE (VX-1) in Patuxent River Md. This is the ASW operational test squadron for both rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Would make a really interesting poster. Many many alumni.

  17. Meat says:

    Request design for Helicopter Antisubmarine Suqdron FIFTEEN (HS-15) at NAS Jacksonville Fl. Flew H-3, SH-60F and HH-60H. ASW and Combat Search and Rescue in addition to recovering Apollo astronauts at sea.

  18. 56 OSS says:

    Please up (+) vote our Squadron Poster idea. We would like to design a poster that encompasses the fantastic work that is done by the 56th Operations Support Squadron (OSS) under the 56th Fighter Wing at Luke AFB, AZ. We support the F-16 and new F-35 aircraft. We are known as the “Wizards” and our squadron motto is “Shazam.” It would be great if you could incorporate all these elements in the poster. I imagine a wizard with lightning in the background illuminating the desert landscape of Arizona, along with the two aircraft we support. Attached is our squadron patch also.

  19. Galliando says:

    I would like to see a design for WPAFB, specifically for AFLCMC/WISM and AFLCMC/WISS. Fixed Wing Branch and Strike Systems Branch. These two organizations are responsible for fielding the new HC-130J Combat King, MC-130J Commando II, and AC-130J Ghostrider. I have already submitted the draft idea and just need 40 votes to get Squadron posters to work on it.

  20. t.dillion@gmail.com says:

    I would like to see a design for WPAFB, specifically for AFLCMC/WISM and AFLCMC/WISS. Fixed Wing Branch and Strike Systems Branch. These two organizations are responsible for fielding the new HC-130J Combat King, MC-130J Commando II, and AC-130J Ghostrider.

  21. dennysaur says:

    I would like to see a design for WPAFB, specifically for AFLCMC/WISM and AFLCMC/WISS. Fixed Wing Branch and Strike Systems Branch. These two organizations are responsible for fielding the new HC-130J Combat King, MC-130J Commando II, and AC-130J Ghostrider. I have already submitted the draft idea and just need 40 votes to get Squadron posters to work on it.

  22. Rachel says:

    The Aggressors — air, air defense, space, and cyber — are a unique, but vital asset to the United States Air Force, Navy, and our coalition partners. We are professional adversaries who integrate our unique strengths and weaknesses across domains in order to ready Blue forces for a wartime scenario. We are the backbone of training for Air Combat Command and serve as the OPFOR in Red Flag, Green Flag, WSINT, Cyber Guard/Cyber Flag, and other Air Force exercises.

    As such, it would be wicked sweet to see a poster created to represent this unique, integrated force, against the backdrop of Las Vegas (the Adversary Tactics Group which owns the 64th AGRS, 507 ADAS, 527 SAS, and 57 IAS is based out of Nellis AFB). We are looking for something to represent the Group and I think Squadron Posters is the answer!

    All hail Wylie.

  23. Nicole says:

    I would love if you could, please, make a poster for VX-31. It is a test squadron at Naval Air Weapons Center, China Lake, CA. There are mostly Jets, Scorpions, Black widows and Sand where we live. We need something like an awesome poster to class this place up!

  24. ga0507 says:

    We would love if you could make one for VFA 94, a 2 seat fighter squadron at NAS Lemoore…or just add a 2 seat jet option on the NAS Lemoore poster that is already available!

  25. Kpeterson says:

    As the AE-6B Prowler is finishing out it’s last few years in flight, VMAQ-2 of MCAS Cherry Point, NC would love to have a poster commemorating their time working on the jet. We would to see a poster for the Death Jester’s with their motto “Can Do Easy.”

  26. navyhockey19 says:

    I would like to request a Squadron Poster to be designed for the Seahawk Weapons and Tactics Instructor (SWTI) course class 01-16. Our class consisted of 50 pilots and aircrew and was the longest and largest class since the SWTI course started in 1998.

    For the image, we would like two helicopters in section one MH-60S loaded with an M-197 and APKWS rockets and one MH-60R loaded with AGM-114 HELLFIRE missiles and APKWS rockets. The background and color scheme would be based on a Fallon, NV sunset with a wolf howling like the one from the SWTI 02-14 class “squadron poster.” Additionally, we have multiple slogans we would like along the borders to include: “Size matters,” “Too big to fail,” “One more rock drill…,” and “Making SWTI great again!” If possible I would like a skier and a snowboarder subliminally inserted going down the mountain (very small, but noticeable if you look for it).

  27. snippy says:

    Hey Everyone! I’m currently an SNA (student naval aviator) down in Pensacola Florida. I’m currently at the very beginning of my flight career flying Cessna 172’s out of Foley Alabama. I think it’d be great if Squadron posters could make a series of Navy IFS posters for those of us who want to remember where we started. Being a lowly Ensign I don’t really have the spare cash to pay for a custom print, so support would be greatly appreciated.

  28. amelia.deramus says:

    A poster for all the Military Chaplains (specifically Air Force) would be nice. We are a part of the Air Force Chaplain Corps but we are assigned to every Wing at every base. In the AF chaplains are assigned to the chapel whereas in the Army they are assigned to units.

  29. LAPDOfficer says:

    I was hoping you guys could add another law enforcement poster to your collection. “Los Angeles Police Department” written out on the top of a night sky. LA City hall in the middle and two black and whites in the front. One Explorer and one Crown Vic to connect the old and new generation. That’s pretty plain so feel free to add whatever other artistic ideas you guys may have. All your designs are really good so I’m sure it’ll come out great.

    • John Anderson says:

      Hi, thank you for the art request!

      We can create new or modify existing artwork through one of the 4 methods obtained here: http://www.squadronposters.com/art/. All of the artwork you see on our site today was commissioned through these 4 options. We do not charge any design or other fees as we give the full value of our commission art packages back in printed art. We also have free shipping to the lower 48 States and APO /FPO addresses, and no sales tax.

      1st step: is to purchase the appropriate package here: http://www.squadronposters.com/art/. Our system will automatically generate and push a coupon voucher code back to your email address from the order information.

      2nd step: We will then send you a simple Artists Brief PowerPoint Template to fill out and return, this information will give us a starting point.

      3rd step: Using the Artists Brief Template information, we will then create a draft for your review and make any changes need through an email revision process. Once you approve the final draft, we will post the new art on our site and make it available.

      4th step: Once approved, we will send you a direct link to the new art (and if a modified package, we will send you one 20×30 canvas wrap print of this new art). You can also use the coupon voucher code that comes with your package at any time, for any printed art on our site including the new art once completed.

      We truly hope this helps, please let me know if you have any questions at:squadronposters@gmail.com and thanks again! -SP

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