Moody AFB 69th Fighter Squadron – F-16

Moody AFB 69th Fighter Squadron – F-16 poster art.

The 69th Fighter Squadron (69 FS) “Werewolves” were reactivated as an F-4E Phantom II tactical fighter squadron at Moody AFB, Georgia on 1 July 1983, assuming the personnel and aircraft of the 339th Tactical Fighter Squadron which inactivated the same day. The 69th FS conducted frequent exercise deployments in the U.S. and overseas to maintain capabilities specializing in air-to-ground attack using precision-guided weapons. Transitioned to F-16A/B aircraft, 1988–1989, and oriented mission planning toward NATO requirements by conducting squadron-strength deployments to Europe. The 69th began upgrading to F-16C/D in Jan 1990 and in Aug 1990 became first operational TAC unit to employ the LANTIRN all-weather/night navigation and bombing system.

Modern era: Reactivated in February 2010 at Luke AFB in the Air Force Reserve with a mission to train Air Force Reserve Command pilots in combat tactics with the F-16 Fighting Falcon. The 69th Fighter Squadron is a United States Air Force Reserve fighter squadron and is currently assigned to the 944th Operations Group, stationed at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona. The 69th FS trains Air Force Reserve Command pilots in combat tactics and is integrated with the 56th Operations Group.

See Luke AFB F-16, 69th Fighter Squadron “Werewolves” artwork HERE.


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