Fort Belvoir 12th Aviation Battalion

Fort Belvoir 12th Aviation Battalion poster art.

The 12th Aviation Battalion (12th AV) “Wings of Freedom” is based at Davison Army Airfield, Fort Belvoir, Virginia as part of the The Army Aviation Brigade (TAAB).  They operate the only VH-60M Blackhawk Helicopters in the Army fleet along with other UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopters where they provide vertical life support to the local area.

Davison Army Airfield or Davison AAF is a military use airport serving Fort Belvoir. The airfield is located 15 miles southwest of Washington, D.C. It was named for noted World War II aviation engineer Brig. Gen. Donald Angus Davison. Fort Belvoir is a United States Army installation in Fairfax County, VirginiaFort Belvoir is home to a number of important United States military organizations. With nearly twice as many workers as The Pentagon, Belvoir is the largest employer in Fairfax County. Fort Belvoir actually comprises three geographically distinct properties: the main base, Davison Army Airfield, and the Fort Belvoir North Area.


Design by Samantha Beaty

Location: Saint Louis, MO
Samantha is an Air Force veteran and an extremely talented illustrator, if you want to see more amazing art browse her portfolio.

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