Camp Pendleton VMM-364 ”Purple Foxes”

Camp Pendleton VMM-364 ”Purple Foxes” canvas art.

VMM-364 ”Purple Foxes” is a medium lift tiltrotor squadron (MV-22B) that is based out of Camp Pendleton, CA. They are 30 minutes from sunny San Diego and are known for beautiful beaches and world class surfing along with a more laid surf town vibe than downtown SD. The flights along the coast are breathtaking, very humbling, and are proof that they live on the “best coast.” The Purple Foxes were born in 1961 and have a long and distinguished history in Vietnam as well as operations in Iraq and Syria.

As Marines were isolated, surrounded, and under siege on the top of Hill 861 during the Battle of KheSahnno no one could get in to resupply or evacuate the Marines on top of the hill due to withering and effective machine gun and sniper fire. It was declared too hot of an LZ to fly into and for days the Marines fought, died, and ran low on supplies without aid until the Purple Foxes flew through the clouds at tree-top level to come to their aid. “We thought you fly boys didn’t give a shit about us!” was the greeting from one of the besieged Marines to which a 364 crew chief responded very simply “We Give A Shit!” – That statement became the squadron motto which is said daily, loudly, and proudly, and is central to the ethos of the squadron. This motto is not the squadron being crass, but rather showing a deep respect to their rich and valiant history with this phrase. From their unique color scheme, their mascot Swifty, to the hard nosed attack helicopters they share the flight line with, the squadron has much to take pride in!


Design by Max Shirkov

Location: San Antonio, TX
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