17th Attack Squadron MQ-9

17th Attack Squadron MQ-9 poster art.

The 17th Attack Squadron (17 ATKS) is a squadron of the United States Air Force. It is assigned to the 432d Wing, and stationed at Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs, Nevada. The 17th Attack Squadron is one of the U.S. Air Force’s premier remotely piloted aircraft squadrons. As highly-disciplined multifunctional teams, this squadron develops and utilizes new remotely piloted aircraft systems tactics, techniques and procedures for the MQ-9 Reaper. They organize, train, and equip forces to provide special capabilities and tactics to combatant commanders and warfighters for worldwide operations requiring remotely piloted aircraft. The 17th Attack Squadron “Nowhere to run… Nowhere to hide…”

Creech Air Force Base is a United States Air Force command and control facility in Clark County, Nevada used to engage in daily Overseas Contingency Operations of remotely piloted aircraft systems which fly missions across the globe. In addition to an airport, the military installation has the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Battlelab, associated aerial warfare ground equipment, and unmanned aerial vehicles of the type used in Afghanistan and Iraq. Creech is the aerial training site for the USAF Thunderbirds and is one of two emergency divert airfields for the Nevada Test and Training Range.

The General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper (sometimes called Predator B) is an unmanned aerial vehicle capable of remotely controlled or autonomous flight operations, developed by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems primarily for the United States Air Force. The MQ-9 is the first “hunter-killer” UAV designed for long-endurance, high-altitude surveillance.


Design by Max Shirkov

Location: San Antonio, TX
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