H-60 Jet Black Super Wide Canvas Print

H-60 Jet Black Super Wide Canvas Print with floating frame!

The H-60 is a family of military helicopters built by Sikorsky Aircraft.

All models use a modified mission symbol in addition to the ‘H’ vehicle type designation under the 1962 United States Tri-Service aircraft designation system (meaning, there is no aircraft named an “H-60” per se). The mission prefix (e.g. U, M, V) only has tangential meaning to the suffix series letter (A/B/C etc.), as most modified mission types encompass multiple series letters. Sikorsky also sells this helicopter as the S-70, but it was initially developed as the UH-60 to specific United States Army project requirements. Variants include:

  • Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk, a medium-lift utility helicopter introduced in 1979.
  • Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk, a multi-mission maritime helicopter used by United States Naval units.
    • Sikorsky SH-60F Oceanhawk, a variant for antisubmarine warfare.
    • Sikorsky MH-60S Knighthawk, a variant for troop transport and vertical replenishment, but can also perform search and rescue.
  • Sikorsky HH-60G Pave Hawk, a United States Air Force variant for combat search and rescue.
    • Sikorsky HH-60H Rescue Hawk, maritime special operations, search and rescue model for U.S. Naval units.
  • Sikorsky MH-60T Jayhawk, a variant used by the United States Coast Guard for maritime patrol, interdiction, and search and rescue (upgraded from extant HH-60J Jayhawk aircraft beginning in 2007).
  • Sikorsky VH-60N White Hawk, a variant used by the US Marine’s as Presidential and VIP transport helicopter including Marine One.
  • Mitsubishi H-60, manufactured in Japan by Mitsubishi under license from Sikorsky

Design by Max Shirkov

Location: San Antonio, TX
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