Ellsworth AFB B-1 “Lancer” – 34th and 37th Bomb Squadrons

This poster is for all the hard working men and women at Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota. The 34th Bomb Squadron and 37th Bomb Squadron fly the B-1 Lancer. The B-1 is commonly referred to as the B-ONE or ‘Bone’.  The USAF B-1 bomber holds 61 FAI world records for speed, payload, distance, and time-to-climb in different aircraft weight classes. ‘Supersonic Sightseeing Tours over Mount Rushmore‘.
The 34th Bomb Squadron is presently the 4th-oldest active squadron in the US Air Force, formed on 10 May 1917, less than a month after the US entry into World War I. Members of the squadron participated in World War I, World War II, Korean War, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.


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