DA-20 – Initial Flight Screener (IFS)

DA-20 – Initial Flight Screener (IFS) poster art.

This vintage art deco style military aviation travel poster “DA-20 – Initial Flight Screener (IFS)” is dedicated to all those who attended IFS. Every USAF pilot is required to pass through Initial Flight Screener (IFS) in Pueblo, Colorado where they fly the Diamond 20, single engine trainer.  I went through in the summer of 2009 and can honestly say this program is one of the hardest military training schools I have been through. This poster features the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop that everyone can appreciate who has been to Doss Aviation. -Nick

The Diamond DA20 is a two-seat tricycle gear general aviation aircraft designed for flight training. In addition to its role as a civil and military training aircraft, it is also used for personal flying by many pilot-owners. Colorado is most famous for being a mountainous and snowy region, most people travel to Colorado for the numerous skiing and snowboarding resorts.


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