B-2 Spirit Decanter – Wings In Whiskey

B-2 Spirit Decanter – “Wings In Whiskey” by Squadron Bar.

750 ML glass bottle with stained wood base and aluminum tap. Squadron Bar exclusive product! Fill with any spirit, which is fitting for the solid-glass B-2 Spirit suspended inside!

B-2 Spirit Decanter - Wings In Whiskey



B-2 Spirit Decanter – “Wings In Whiskey”!

Military aviation Squadron Bar product found exclusively at – Squadron Posters!  

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Quality Adjustable Tap

Adjustable tap inspired by the switches you’d see in a cockpit overhead panel. The tap has an adjustable silicone ring to ensure your most prized spirit will stay in the air-tight chamber. It sits at the perfect height for a standard whiskey tumbler to slide underneath. Operate the lever one handed, forward or backward.

Wood Base

The wood base comes stained in a rich ebony-brown. The wide platform ensures the decanter stays upright when you’re pouring your favorite drink. The glass from the decanter sticks 3″ into a hole in the top of the wood for easy removal/cleaning. No tools required. Shipping timeline is different than on checkout, expect 14 days for delivery!


Note: Squadron Posters does not condone drinking alcohol. If your are going to drink, please don’t drink and drive AND remember, 12 hours from bottle to throttle! – Thank you!

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