Seymour Johnson KC-10 344th ARS

Seymour Johnson KC-10 344th ARS Heritage poster art.

The KC-10A Extender initially arrived at Seymour Johnson AFB in October 1985. Within a few years, the KC-10A unit expanded to two active duty Air Refueling  Squadrons, the 344th and 911th and one reserve squadron, the 77th. With the reorganization of the Air Force in 1992 that saw the inactivation of Strategic Air Command, the KC-10 aircraft were temporarily placed under the redesignated 4th Wing (4 WG) at Seymour Johnson, but by 1994, the KC-10s were ultimately reassigned to McGuire AFB, New Jersey as Air Mobility Command assets. The 344th ARS is currently assigned to McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas as of 29 April 1994 – Present.


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