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Mildenhall AB C-130 Hercules over London

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This Mildenhall C-130 Hercules poster is dedicated to the Special Operators in the 67th Special Operations Squadron -Night Owls or as the poster terms their fictional brewery ‘Night Owl Ale, only available at night’. The background starts off with the famous White Cliffs of Dover and rolls into all the classic downtown London landmarks including a highly detailed Big Ben and London Bridge. World War II ended at 11:00 Paris time which is why Big Ben’s hands read the time it was in London… 10:00.
 From their base at RAF Mildenhall, the 67th Special Operations Squadron’s MC-130P Combat Shadow flies single or multi-ship low-level air refueling missions for special operations helicopters, and infiltration, exfiltration, and resupply of special operations forces by airdrop or airland.

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