20x40-36AS2Chance (left) & Nick (right) at Chance's weddingThe photo Chance sent me that inspired the artwork.

C-130, 36th Airlift Squadron – Yokota AB, Japan

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I made this poster for my buddy Chance Hansen, he was my roommate during college, pilot training and one of my groomsmen. You can see a pic of us in the gallery at Chance’s wedding, ‘cheers’ Chance. This C-130 poster is dedicated to the hard working men and women of the 36th Airlift Squadron Eagle Airlifters‘, 374th Operations Group, 374th Airlift Wing, stationed at Yokota Air Base, Japan. They fly training airdrop missions near Mt Fuji and this poster is actually based on a photo Chance sent me which is also attached in the gallery. Thanks for all you guys do. -Nick

   The 36th Airlift Squadron    is famous for Operation Christmas Dropa tradition that serves as a training mission for the U.S. Air Force which started in 1952. For more than 60 years, American Airmen have flown over tiny islands in Micronesia around Christmas, dropping donated goods to help more than 30,000 islanders. It has since become the longest running U.S. DoD mission in full operation, and the longest running humanitarian airlift in the world. 

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